Explore Your Wild Side With Some Animal-Themed Lingerie

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When you visit a local adult store to shop for a new set of lingerie, it can be fun to browse the options and consider a selection of designs that you might not have previously known about. Lingerie can range from modest to extreme, with several different themes that can catch your attention. Among these themes are garments that relate to animals. If you think that you and your partner would enjoy exploring your wild sides together, animal-themed lingerie may be something to consider. Here are some options that you'll often find at adult retailers.

1. Rabbit

You and your partner will be eager to hop to the bedroom when one of you has gotten dressed in a set of rabbit-themed lingerie. There are all sorts of lingerie outfits that relate to this type of furry animal. A lot of rabbit lingerie is white to reflect the actual hue of many rabbits, although you'll also find some sets that are non-traditional colors for this animal. A cute touch on many rabbit lingerie sets is a fluffy, cotton ball-style tail that is attached to the rear of the panties. Whoever is wearing the outfit can have fun shaking their tail to tease their partner.

2. Cat

Cats of all types are known for their sleekness, and you may wish to add this vibe to the bedroom with a set of cat-themed lingerie. You'll find that many different cats are represented in lingerie, from standard domestic cats to jungle cats such as the leopard and jaguar. Leopard-themed lingerie will commonly have a spotted pattern on the bra and panties that represents the spots in a leopard's coat. Some of these lingerie sets come with tails that are attached to the underwear, while other sets have headbands with cat ears that you can wear to further play up the cat theme.

3. Mouse

You should also expect to see mouse-themed lingerie when you browse a selection of lingerie sets at your local adult store. These sets can often range from silly to sexy, so you can decide what look most appeals to you. You'll see mouse-themed lingerie that has mouse whiskers on the bra cups, while other sets have fabric mouse ears attached to the back waist area of the panties and a mouse face on the garment below the ears. As with other animal-themed lingerie, you'll find other sets that have ears that are mounted to a headband that can complete the look.

Browse the kinky lingerie selection at your local adult store to look for these designs.