Shop For A Travel-Related Throwback Design Tee

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If you love to wear apparel that has a vintage design, it can especially be fun to shop for T-shirts. There are all sorts of throwback design tees on the market, and if you're the type of person for whom a T-shirt is an everyday piece of apparel, you may want to have several of these garments in your wardrobe. One type of throwback design that you'll often see is a design that relates to travel. Whether you're a frequent traveler or you're just someone who dreams of taking trips, this design can be appealing. Here are some things that you'll find on a travel-related throwback tee.


Travel-related throwback design T-shirts will commonly have the name of a destination in large lettering across the chest of the garment. The name of the destination will frequently appear in a retro-style font, giving the garment a clear vintage vibe. You'll find lots of different destinations on T-shirts of this type, but those that reference sunny locations are especially common. The destination may be a city or even a country. It can be fun to shop for this type of garment if you've been to this destination or you have it on your travel bucket list.


A key part of the design of a travel-related throwback design tee is a date. Like the name of the destination, the date will usually appear in a retro font. Generally, it will represent a year that is several decades in the past — for example, 1976 or 1982. You'll likely be excited to find a shirt with a date that represents a year that you actually traveled to the destination in question, but don't feel as though this needs to be the case. Even if you find a date that references a year before you were born, you can still enjoy wearing this throwback-style garment.


While a lot of throwback tees that relate to travel simply feature a destination and a date, you'll also see some garments that have additional graphics. In the case of a shirt that references a tropical location, you can expect to see a graphic such as a clump of palm trees — perhaps positioned beside or behind the destination's name. Other garments may have surfboard graphics or a pair of vintage sunglasses. To shop for one of these shirts, look online for a clothing supplier that sells throwback design tees like B. L. Tees.