How To Choose Your Team's Custom Rugby Uniform

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Rugby is a growing sport all around the world, and with variants of it beginning to appear in the Olympics, many Americans are starting to take notice. Rugby has always been a popular school sport in some areas of America, but now it is spreading even into the smaller, less populated parts of the country. Some people see it as a safer alternative to football, with fewer head-on-head collisions and a lower barrier for entry. All you need is a ball, a field, and the proper uniform and you are good to go. Here is what to consider when choosing your custom rugby uniforms

Consider Your Local Colors

Many counties and suburbs have colors that have been associated with the area for decades, if not longer. The trouble is that local government is so out of the mainstream news that most people will not even realize what their local colors are, so make sure to check your nearest council page for a reminder. If the two colors really do not match, for example, Red and orange, then you should also incorporate a practical base color; generally black or white. These colors will be unique and give your team some connection to the place you represent.


Custom rugby uniforms do not have to be a simple striped jersey, although many prefer this. At a local level for schools and amateur teams, you can choose almost any pattern you want. Many look to the professional teams from competitions around the world for inspiration. Think about what your mascot or team name is and get inspiration from that. For example, if you are the tigers, then why not have some slash marks across the front of your shirt. Many teams have similar colored uniforms so patterns are crucial!

Put It To A Vote

To make your newly formed rugby club feel involved in the process, you should always offer them the chance to vote on your designs. Many custom rugby uniform online stores will allow you to design previews of your shirt that you can download and then show the rest of your members. Letting them all decide from a series of carefully selected options is a great way to draw publicity to your club and bring a friendly rivalry amongst submitters. If you do open up the design to submissions, make sure that you verify each one so that nothing too similar gets presented together or you could overload those looking to vote.