Reasons To Shorten The Straps Of Your Wedding Dress

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When you walk down the aisle, you want to feel as though your wedding dress fits you perfectly. Wedding dresses seldom fit this way straight off the rack, so it's important for you to visit an alteration service to have any necessary work done before your big day. One of the common types of wedding dress alterations that may be necessary for you is to get the straps of the dress shortened. This is a simple alteration in the hands of an experienced professional, so it won't generally take very long to get done — and it shouldn't cost you much money, either. Here are some reasons to shorten the straps.

To Hide Cleavage 

One reason that many brides get the straps of their wedding dress shortened is to hide cleavage. Shorter straps raise the top of the dress, which can either reduce the amount of cleavage that you're showing or hide it altogether. There are several reasons that you might want to make this change — or, even if you don't technically want to do it, feel as though it's appropriate. For example, some brides like the idea of appearing busty on their wedding day, but know that they have some conservative guests who will be in attendance and may not appreciate this look.

To Deal With Cooler Weather

Another reason that you may feel the desire to shorten the straps of your wedding dress is to cover more of your body if the weather forecast for your wedding looks cool. Many brides buy their dresses months in advance of the big day, and you may be anticipating warmish weather for your outdoor wedding. However, if it's turned out to be a cool spring or fall, you might be leery about having too much skin exposed. If it's too late to add a shawl, or you don't like this look, covering up a little with this simple alteration may be desirable.

To Hide An Injury

It may be possible that you've sustained some sort of injury on your chest or upper back since you bought the wedding dress and are concerned about it being visible on your wedding day. For example, if you were hurt in a sporting accident or a car accident and have either a scar or some major bruising, this is a significant inconvenience. You may be able to have your wedding dress straps shortened enough that the dress will now cover this area of your body that you don't want your guests to see.

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