How You Can Use Lycra Stretch Fabric To Create The Ultimate Cosplay Outfit

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You can use Lycra stretch fabric to create a superhero leotard or an action bodysuit, but there are many other ways you can use this versatile fabric to create the ultimate cosplay outfit that can be worn to many events throughout the year. Here are three interesting options that shouldn't be overlooked:

Fashion a Head Piece

You can use Lycra stretch fabric to easily fashion yourself a cosplay headpiece. Start by choosing a hat that you can cover to create the look you want, or use cardboard, scissors, and super glue to create a custom headpiece.

You can use cardboard to create a crown, a helmet, or even horns for your outfit. After your head piece is chosen or made, simply cover the piece with your Lycra stretch fabric. Use just one piece to create a clean look, or spice things up by using multiple small pieces or fabric to create a patchwork look.

Create Some Accessories

You can also make custom wands, swords, shields, wings, and other accessories for your cosplay outfit with the help of Lycra stretch fabric. Make a wand by covering a stick or baton with your stretch fabric, then cut some of the fabric into strips and attach them to one end of the wand to make it look like the wand is creating sparks.

Cover a garbage can lid or an old pizza box with Lycra stretch fabric to create a unique and interesting shield. Or use some fabric to cover up oversized glasses for a fun look that will give your cosplay outfit an extra layer of depth. The options are virtually limited by only your imagination!

Make Covers For Your Shoes

No cosplay outfit is complete without a pair of fantasy shoes to accompany it. Whether you're dressing as a superhero, a villain, an action figure, or a cartoon character, the shoes you wear in your everyday life can put a big damper on your overall look. So, spend some time decorating your shoes with Lycra stretch fabric to ensure that your cosplay look is complete.

You can make tassels to attach to them, create little patches to put on them, or completely cover the tops of them and transform them into shoes from out of this world. You can even made your own sandals by using rubber for the soles and attaching strips of Lycra fabric to the base that can be used to lace the soles onto your feet.

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