Plan A Weekend In The Woods That Your Off-Roading Loving Girlfriend Is Sure To Appreciate

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Why not surprise your off-roading loving girlfriend with a weekend in the woods? Here is what you can do to ensure that the adventure is something she'll enjoy and appreciate:

Rent a 4-Wheeler

Add some extra fun to your weekend by renting a 4-wheeler that you can drive around in the woods with while you camp. Consider choosing a camping spot that's off the beaten path, where you can only access the area by foot or 4-wheeler. You and your girlfriend will enjoy the adventure of off-roading to your camp spot and the excitement of exploring the woods by vehicle instead of on foot.

Renting a small trailer to pull behind the 4-wheeler will allow you to easily carry all of your camping gear into the woods so you don't have to make multiple trips between your car and your wooded camp spot. You can use the trailer to take along your hunting gear and other equipment while exploring the woods too.

Make Food Prep Easy

Make sure that you and your girlfriend don't end up spending your weekend in the woods working for survival and comfort by preparing all your food ahead of time. Don't just pack everything in your cooler and plan to cook it all at your camp site, as this could cost you and your girlfriend literally hours of time that could be better spent exploring the woods or 4-wheeling.

Take the time to cook your meats, prep your salad ingredients, wrap your potatoes in foil for baking on the fire, and prep some snack bags full of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. This will make food prep at your camp site easy and quick – and you won't have to worry about lugging around or washing a lot of dishes.

Buy Some Mudding Tank Tops

Make your weekend in the woods special by gifting your girlfriend with some new mudding tank tops to wear throughout the adventure. Not only will the tank tops allow your girlfriend to keep her nice clothes at home so they don't get damaged during your adventure, but they'll help ensure that she stays comfortable while 4-wheeling in the mud.

Mudding off-road tank tops are designed to allow for full body movement, so your girlfriend won't feel restricted while she's active. And your girlfriend will be table to take the mudding tank tops home with her to act as a memento of your weekend in the woods and to wear during future adventures together.