Men's Boot Styles For Winter 2019 That Can Go From The Woods To A Candlelit Dinner

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The Pacific Northwest Is Wondrous But Can Be Hard On Shoes

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful playground for outdoor enthusiasts and purveyors of the nightlife as well. Men in the Pacific Northwest want shoes that can take them from the mountains to a soccer game, from the beach to a romantic dinner, or from the desert to a concert. This area of the United States has an array of fascinating landscapes, and the weather extremes that accompany them. The people that live in this region are practical yet sophisticated. The men here want shoes they can wear to every activity in their lives, while withstanding the rain, snow, and wind that is typical of this climate.

Chukka Boots

This style of boot is perfect for the men of the Pacific Northwest. It has all of the style of an oxford, while the tread on the bottom makes it a practical pick for outdoor activities. The final selling point, is that the ankle is high enough to go under a pair a pants, protecting the foot and socks from the persistent rain. These shoes come in every style and color imaginable.

How To Take Care Of Shoes In The Pacific Northwest

Suede shoes don't have to be an instant reject

Even though it seems like suede should be illegal in such a rainy area of the country, brown suede chukka boots can be water proofed with a leather spray and then the mud can be brushed out with a suede brush, leaving the boots looking like new.

Leather is always a classic

Black leather and brown leather are also classic choices, that can take a man from a power hike to a power lunch. Again, a waterproofing leather spray and also a leather cleaner are extremely important for making shoes last in the Pacific Northwest.

Reinforce the Bottom

Another simple thing that can be done to reinforce any shoe to withstand the muck, is to take the shoes to a cobbler, and get a non-slip tread rubber sole put on the bottom of the shoes. This is especially important with a high quality pair of shoes, because they tend to have leather bottoms.

It is possible to have a nice pair of shoes that are also practical for the outdoors. With a a little bit of prep and care, mens boots can take you just about anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.