Understanding The Specifics Of Different Types Of Athletic Shoes

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If you are into sports or fitness, then you want to make sure you are wearing the right shoes, or you can end up dealing with a variety of issues. You may not even realize just how many different types of athletic footwear there are out there for those who are involved in different sports or other physical fitness programs. You may understand there are bowling shoes, golf shoes, soccer shoes, and other types — but the fact remains, there is so much more in the footwear industry with regards to sports and fitness that most people really don't have a clue. Here is an article that will introduce you to some of the many other types of shoes you want to know about:

Athletic shoes

"Athletic shoes" is a term that's used loosely since there are three main categories with regards to 'athletic' shoes. These categories include walking shoes, running shoes, and training shoes. These types of shoes are just what they sound like. You want to wear the walking shoes for walking, the running shoes for running, and the training shoes for things like hiking or other things like doing aerobics.

Field sport athletic shoes

Those soccer shoes mentioned in the introduction to the article would fit into this category, since soccer is played on a field. Some of the other types of field sport shoes would include baseball shoes and football shoes. These shoes are very specific to the sport being played because they are designed specifically to help you to perform the actions needed to in order to excel at the game. You need to be able to run, dig in, and stop with accuracy, and the studs, spikes, and other design elements on the bottoms of these shoes are designed to help you do those things.

Court sport athletic shoes

Just as with the 'field sport' shoes above, the court sport athletic shoes are also very specific with regards to the sports you will be playing. Shoes considered to be 'court sport' athletic shoes are for sports played on courts like basketball or tennis. When you play these types of sports, you need to make fast and agile movements, and these shoes allow you to make these movements without slipping on the court or without even sticking to it.

Cycling athletic shoes

When you are a cyclist, you need to make sure your shoes don't slip off the pedals, which could put you in an extremely dangerous situation, especially since there will be a good chance you will be traveling at a high speed when this happens. These shoes are designed specifically to help you keep your feet right where they need to be: on the pedals.