4 Ways An Old Leather Jacket Can Be Restored

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Do you have an old leather jacket that you wish you could wear again? Leather jackets are frequently handed down through families, but they can begin to show their age as the years go by. There are a few tricks that leather repair services have up their sleeves to make these jackets look like new again.

1. Dying and Conditioning the Leather

Over time, the dye that is used to stain leather can age, making it look dull. A leather restoration process can be used to re-dye the leather, bringing back a vibrant color (or even changing its color). Conditioners can also be used so that dry, cracked leather becomes supple and flexible again.

Though there are ways to dye or stain leather at home, the process should usually be done by a professional. An uneven coating of dye could lead to blotchy leather, which may be difficult to recover.

2. Re-Stitching the Leather

If the leather's stitching has become unbound in places, it's usually a fairly simple fix; a leather repair service can restitch the leather, going over the existing stitches to avoid removing any of the material. If the stitching has pulled out, on the other hand, you may need to lose some of the material of the leather; in other words, the jacket may become slightly smaller. 

Skilled leather repair services are able to do this with minimal loss.

3. Re-Lining the Jacket

Sometimes it isn't the leather itself that has aged, but rather the jacket's lining. Many leather jackets are lined with silk or other materials that can become delicate and faded over time. Relining the jacket is often enough to turn an older, frayed jacket into something that looks new, modern, and usable. 

4. Changing Out the Zipper and Hardware

The hardware of a leather jacket can age, rusting or getting bent and damaged over time. Leather repair services can change all of the hardware in a leather jacket, from snap-on buttons to the zippers themselves. This will update the jacket to modern styles while also making it easier to use the jacket. 

As long as there aren't any major issues with the leather jacket, it can usually be repaired to a virtually like-new appearance. This is one of the major advantages of investing in expensive leather goods: they can be easily repaired. A leather repair service can give you more information about how much this would cost and how long it would take.