3 Reasons To Buy Military Surplus

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As efficient a machine as the military can be, it is not uncommon for there to be surplus of, well, a lot of different things. When many people think of military surplus goods, they thing of clothing and various outdoor activities, but the truth is that you can find anything from electronics to international collectibles at a military surplus store. But why shop there when you could browse the aisles of any number of large retail stores in your city? Take a look below for just a handful of great reasons.


Perhaps the biggest reason to shop at a military surplus store is the durability of the items that you can purchase there. This is especially true of clothing. While the average shirt or bag at a retail store will likely be made from cheap materials that do not stand the test of time, the same kind of item at a military surplus store may last you generations. This is because the military specifies its gear be made to last, down to the last pair of socks. When you buy military surplus, you know you're buying it as an investment, and not just as a quick fix.


The old adage says that you get what you pay for, and often this is true. A pair of specialty combat boots won't come cheap, after all. That said, what you buy at a military surplus store is often a far better value than what you can buy elsewhere. Not only will the items you purchase last you a long time, but they are likely to be discounted from their regular price. Sometimes this is because of small (and completely insignificant) manufacturing errors, but usually it is simply the economic reality of military surplus goods. So next time you're thinking of taking a trip to an expensive sporting goods store, check out the deals at your local army surplus instead.


In a world filled with cheap, disposable goods, there is always a certain joy in finding something that is rare, collectible, or downright unusual. While most things sold at a military surplus store may not fit this description, it is always fun to browse. Whether it is a pair of old dog tags or something from a different country's military altogether, the things you find when you least expect it can not only be useful, but be great conversation starters as well.