Occasions Where Women Might Look Great In Tuxedo Pants

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Women's black tuxedo pants, or white tuxedo pants, both provide a very formal look for dressing. They are not typically something you would want to wear everyday. If you are not the fashion-conscious, fashion-forward type, here are a few occasions where it is not only appropriate to wear these pants, but also where you might look great in them.

At the Office

Tuxedo pants are definitely apropos in the business work place. Paired with decent black pumps and a suit jacket, it is a very smart clothing choice. It is neither too formal nor too relaxed, and it works whether you are an executive or a customer service phone representative.

At a Business Luncheon or Convention

Likewise, a business luncheon or a business convention requires a certain amount of decorum in dress. Pant suits, A-line skirts and tuxedo pants are common choices. You can skip the suit jacket if you wear a smart button-down blouse with the tuxedo pants.

At a Gay Wedding

Whether the couple are gay men or lesbian women, the tuxedo pant is perfect formal dress for either. Pair the pants with a fancier dress coat and you will fit right in with the festivities and nuptials. To really dress up the tuxedo pants for these weddings, find a topcoat with tails and maybe a top hat or cane.

Eloping for Your Own Wedding or a Subsequent Marriage

Either you want to make your wedding outfit as simple as possible, or you have already been through the hoopla of a giant wedding and fancy dress before. Either way, the white tuxedo pants are a perfect solution. Throw on a white, dressy blouse and white pumps, and you are ready to stand before the court magistrate for a quick "I do."

In a Production of "Chorus Line"

Usually, you would expect the costume designer to come up with tuxedo pants for actors, dancers, and singers in this popular Broadway show. However, not every community has a Broadway budget for costumes. Ergo, if you are participating in a local production of "Chorus Line," simple, store-bought tuxedo pants in black will not only work for the show, but they will also fit the community theater's budget.

Attending a Performance at a Performing Arts Center (in Winter)

Attending a performance at a performing arts center is a big deal. Everyone puts on their best garb to show respect to the performers. If you are attending a show in winter, you want to look nice, but also wear something that covers your legs and keeps them warm. Tuxedo pants can do just that.