Dance On: Comfortable Ways To Wear Plus Size Dance Gear

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The love of dancing is for people who are of all sizes. If you are a plus size dancer or have a child who is in the larger sizes, you may find it difficult to find dance gear that is comfortable. Before you purchase uniforms and wear plus-sized dance gear is to learn how to make the items more comfortable. Though making a structured uniform comfortable may seem like an impossible task, there are a few ways to make sure that your dance outfits fit you better and help you move. 

Invest in snap leotards

Stretch leotards can become an annoyance if you are plus size and have a curvy body shape. If you notice that your leotard tends to ride up and becomes painful, you should invest in snap leotards. A leotard made of stretch material that can snap at the bottom means that you can afford yourself a little more movement within one size leotard. For leotards that tend to ride up pick an outfit that hangs just a little bit at the bottom. In order to make sure that the uniform does not hang down at the bottom, you can safety pin the bottom of the leotard to your tights after you are dressed. 

Get an attached, flowy skirt

As an added method of hiding the extra space that you may need in a leotard, or just as a way to free up your movement, invest in a flowy skirt. The skirt can come attached to your leotard or it can be its own single addition to your outfit. The skirt will hide the underside of your leotard and serve as a good way to focus on the feeling of your movement rather than be consciously aware of how your uniform looks. 

Invest in thicker flesh tone stockings

The stockings are just as important as the leotard in dance. Invest in thick, flesh tone stockings to complete a dance outfit that you can dance in as a plus-size dancer. Thicker stockings are easier to stay on and will be less likely to tear or feel restrictive as you are moving. The reason for choosing flesh tone is that it is likely to look less bulky, even if you are dancing in stockings that are of a more dense material than other dancers. Wearing thicker legs will also help to wick away any sweat and sweat stains which could become noticeable while sweating in a small leotard. 

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