Why You Need The Right Attire For College Graduation

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Graduating from college is a major milestone for a young man. From this point on, you can focus on where you will go and defining who you are as a person. A graduation is one of those moments in a man's life that require you to dress a certain way. It helps to understand the basics of casual, semi-formal and formal dressing. This information helps with choosing the right outfit for any occasion. Read on to find out why you need the right attire for your college graduation.

Starting With Your Graduation Gown

It is traditional to see students wear a ceremonial robe when graduating from a school. This tradition goes back to the 12th century in Europe when the first universities were founded. You still must dress smart even when wearing a graduation robe. The robe will not cover your entire body, which means some areas will be exposed.

Choose A Coordinating Tie

Many schools have a dress code for students receiving their diploma. The dress code usually consists of a dark pair of pants, a tie, light-colored dress shirt and shoes. The top part of your gown will show your tie. Custom silk ties can bring your whole look together.

Silk ties are made from fine fabrics and can be tailored to fit your wardrobe. They can be printed and woven. A printed silk tie results in a smooth fabric and a woven one results in a silky, texturized fabric. Regardless of how it is made, these ties come out fluid and soft. Silk is one of those materials that drapes and smooth out like no other fabric.

These are characteristics to consider when choosing the type of tie for your graduation outfit. When choosing a color, you can go with a dark color or coordinate your tie with your school's colors.

What To Wear Underneath?

Your legs are going to be exposed under your grown. Many graduates choose to go with a simple dark colored suit and a tie that makes it pop. If you do not want to wear a suit, then you can wear a sports jacket with dark trousers. This ensemble can be paired with dark socks and dress shoes.

This event is not only about your education, but a landmark for everyone involved in this celebration. Your loved ones and peers are sharing in this moment as well. The right attire is important because it shows respect for those being honored.