How To Help Your Husband With His Wardrobe

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If your husband or significant other needs some help sprucing up his wardrobe, from coordinating his clothes to shopping for his shoes, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start With Jeans - He probably already owns at least one pair of jeans that he loves. If not, jeans would be a great place to start.

  • Go through his closet drawers to see what he already has that can be paired with his jeans.
  • Think of the colors that look best on him and select some plain t-shirts in those colors.
  • Select some collared t-shirts for days that he wants to look casual, but a bit spruced up.
  • Another idea for jeans is to buy a great looking sports coat to dress the jeans up for things like casual dinners.

Add The Right Shoes - The shoes that a man wears will complete the look he needs for particular casual occasions.

  • Is he wearing athletic shoes that look like they should be in the trash bin? 
  • Unless you know exactly which size he wears, taking him to look for men's shoes is a smart move.
  • Look for athletic shoes that not only look nice but are good for his feet.
  • Deck shoes or loafers are a great choice for days that he wears his collared t-shirts or sports coat.

Move On To Dressier Garments - Does he already own a really nice suit? If not, consider helping him to select one that can be worn to places like church, nice dinners and to other places where a suit is the appropriate attire. 

  • Again, go with the color that he likes best. If he gravitates toward gray, think of buying a pinstripe suit.
  • Remember that the suit can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
  • For example, a white shirt is perfect for any formal event.
  • Buy colored dress shirts for times when your husband wants to have a casual-dressy look.

Choose Dress Shoes To Go With His Suit - The range of styles available is pretty impressive.

  • You can't go wrong with a pair of traditional dress shoes that require shoe laces.
  • Dressy loafers would be great if your husband doesn't want to bother with the laces.
  • Don't hesitate to put nice loafers with a suit for more casual events.
  • And, if your husband loves boots, they'll look fantastic with a suit.

Once you have established your husband's sizes in both clothing and shoes, you can have fun shopping together from catalogs and online. To check out options for shoes, check with places like Finley Shoe Store today.