Three Ways To Add Vintage Style Clothing to Your Modern Wardrobe

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In the 1900's, the Edwardian era of fashion was in full swing. Light, romantic fabrics encompassed in flowy gowns dominated the fashion scene. If this era tugs at your heartstrings, there are a few ways to bring this bygone era to life in modern times without looking like you're in full costume.


Accessories during the Edwardian time period featured a lot of animal-sourced materials. Think lots of feathers, fur, and leather. Hats were wide-brimmed and sometimes featured velvet or floral motifs. Long leather gloves were a staple, as were feathered hats and boas. Obviously, layering all of these in one outfit is a little overkill. Carefully choosing one or two accessories can give a decidedly modern outfit vintage touches. 

Purses and handbags weren't a major focus during the Edwardian era. Many people used credit accounts and therefore only used small bags or clutches if absolutely necessary. These bags were about the size of a small coin purse or a medium sized clutch. These purses were heavily embroidered and ornate.

Mixing and Matching

In order to wear vintage clothing without it appearing costumey, it's important to mix and match the pieces of your outfit. Choose pieces to wear that echo what's currently available in modern fashion. You want a healthy mix of contemporary and vintage items so your look isn't overpowered.

Using contemporary hair and accessories can help bring a vintage outfit to the present. Modern hairstyles especially can keep your look from feeling too dated. Likewise, using a vintage hairstyle with a modern outfit can help add to its vintage feel.

The Right Touches

So what do Edwardian-inspired pieces look like today? Think loose-fitting garments that hang from your shoulders. Shirts featured a low bust line and lots of thin, gathered fabric that was cinched at the waist. Necklines were high and lines were long with trailing skirts being a focal point. Dresses were made using airy fabrics like chiffon that were layered with points of interest like ruffles, lace, and embroidery. Pieces were predominantly one color with an accent color. Ruffles, lace, and embroidery added texture and visual interest to a piece.

If you need help deciding what touches would give your outfit just the right amount of romantic, vintage flair, talk to an expert at a local clothing shop like Simple Addiction. Wear some of your favorite vintage pieces and mix and match them with the more modern pieces available in the shop. If your look seems off, the stylist will set you straight.