How To Save Money On Horseback Riding Clothing For Your Child

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If your child is into horses, you might be excited and proud of his or her hobby. Even though this might be true, you might still be worried about how much you spend on horseback riding-related items for your child, including clothing. Luckily, following these tips can help.

Let Your Child Use Worn-Out Clothing for Practicing

For one thing, you should consider encouraging your child to wear his or her old, worn-out clothing when practicing or when doing barn chores. Clothes can get worn out quickly when worn in a barn each day, but if you have your child wear clothing that might be too worn-out for wearing to school—such as jeans that might be torn in the knee or T-shirts that might be slightly stained—then you can "save" his or her better clothing and can make use of items that would otherwise have to be thrown away.

Look for Cheaper Alternatives

In some cases, there are cheaper alternatives out there than actual clothing that is designed for horseback riding. For example, one good option is to choose leggings from the children's section rather than breeches. Even though they might not be a good choice for going to horse shows, they can work out well for regular riding, and they can be a whole lot cheaper.

Buy Used

Just as your child probably grows out of his or her equestrian clothing quickly, the same happens with other kids. When this happens, some parents sell their children's gently used but outgrown riding clothing for rock-bottom prices. If you can find used clothing that fits your child properly, then you can save a ton of money.

Buy Out-of-Season

It is always a good idea to buy out-of-season riding clothing, such as buying insulated breeches at the end of the winter. Then, you'll have what your child needs next year, and you can enjoy clearance prices. Just make sure that you buy a size that leaves your child with a bit of room to grow to ensure that the clothing will fit properly.

If you are concerned about how much you're spending on horseback riding clothing for your child, you could be wondering what you should do. After all, it can be costly enough for you to pay for your child's regular wardrobe for school, and paying for clothing for horseback riding -- on top of the cost of riding lessons, owning a horse, going to shows and more -- can be one more thing on a tight budget. Luckily, though, following these tips can help you cut costs while ensuring that your child has the right clothing for riding horses.

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