Organic Baby Clothes: Are They Worth It?

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As a mom-to-be, you will probably spend a lot of your time fawning over all the adorable little outfits you can find at just about any department store and all over the internet. From the precious onesies with cute quotes to the sleepers with feet and fuzz, it is easy to get caught up and buy a LOT of clothing for your upcoming bundle of joy. However, in your shopping endeavors in preparation, you will also notice a new trend: the availability of organic baby clothing. So, what does this really mean, and are the clothes worth the effort to find? Here's what you need to know about organic baby clothes so you can decide for yourself if these clothing pieces are worth it.

What exactly are organic baby clothes?

Organic baby clothes are those made with natural fibers, dyes, and materials. The organic cotton used in these clothing pieces is not processed in the same usual commercial way through scouring, bleaching, and other processes that can leave the cotton fibers laced with questionable things. For example, if you find an organic baby bodysuit, it means that this article of clothing is likely free of:

  • artificial fibers and materials, such as synthetic polyester and acrylic
  • artificial dyes made from chemical compounds
  • bleaches and other contaminants that would normally be part of cotton processing

Why is it important to buy organic clothing for your newborn baby?

A baby's skin is naturally more prone to irritation, and this is a fact even new parents usually know. However, most new parents assume their new baby's skin is more prone to irritation because it is delicate, soft, or new. But a baby's skin is easier to harm because it is more porous and thinner than average skin. When you buy organic baby bodysuits and other types of organic baby clothes, all of those synthetic materials and contaminants will not be allowed to cause irritation. 

Where is the best place to find organic baby clothing?

Organic baby clothing is much more available now since there is more awareness around how pesticides and chemical compounds can be harmful to a bay's body. Therefore, you will usually see a few pieces even at the most basic department store. However, if you really want to go organic with all of your new baby's wardrobe, it is best to find a retailer that specializes in this form of clothing. These companies are out there, both online and in physical store form.