What Is The Best Choice Of Wig For You?

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There are many reasons for choosing to wear a wig and they vary as much as the people who wear them. There are plenty of styles to choose from, from long to short styles and curly to straight. You can also pick from real human hair and synthetic strands too. Which wig is the best choice for you? It will depend on what you want from your wig.

Human Hair or Synthetic Hair

One of the more important choices you will have to make when choosing a wig is what type of hair do you want? You have the choice of either human hair or synthetic and each has their advantages.

Synthetic hair doesn't require a lot of care to keep them looking good and like new. They offer a variety of styles and can come in many different colors including all the natural ones and even colors like blue or pink. It is easy to simply comb them or shake them out to keep their style neat and the fiber is resistant to humidity. Where you will find a problem with synthetic is, it is not resistant to heat, so you can't use any curling iron or blow dryer on them.

Human hair wigs are very durable and versatile. You can use heat on them and style them any way you would like, you can use a curling iron or straightener to change your style daily if you desire. They don't come pre-styled so they do take more effort to care for, but if you prefer to change your style often, this is the better option. Human hair also tends to look more natural as it is made with real hair.

Length of Hair

You also need to think of how long you would like your hair to be. Wigs come in many different lengths from extremely long to very short. It is a good idea to try on a few lengths to see what will suit you best. Your features might not suit a very short or very long style and another thing to consider, long styles tend to be heavier on your head too.

Time Management

You really do need to think of how much time can you devote to maintaining and caring for your wig. Do you want to have the freedom of styling your own hair on a daily basis or do you need a wig that you can simply comb or shake out and go with the perfect look already done? You might not think that your lifestyle plays a bit part in wig choice but it does.

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