Three Excellent Reasons To Purchase A Senior Class Shirt

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If you are a senior in high school, this can be a super exciting time in your life. You rule the school, and you are enjoying your last year of living at home before you head off to college. Towards the end of the school year, most high schools offer cool things to the students, such as yearbooks or different items of clothing. One awesome piece of apparel that is just going to be offered to the seniors is a class shirt. This shirt is going to be made affordable to all of the senior class, and is going to be a fun item for you to purchase. Read on to discover three excellent reasons to purchase a senior class shirt. 

You Likely Helped Design It

In most high schools, the senior class presidency, along with the entire senior class, will work together to create a few different design options for the senior class shirt. Once these designs are done, there will then be a vote amongst the seniors to choose which design everyone likes the best. The shirts will then be ordered from a company, like Gariel Screen Printing, and each senior that wants them can have one. Since the design is going to be handpicked by the seniors, then you are probably going to like the way that the senior class shirt looks. This means that you will probably wear it around and really feel proud when you do. 

Great For Memories

Your senior year of high school is likely going to be full of several wonderful memories for you. Because of this, you are probably going to want to have some fun keepsakes to remember this year. While your yearbook, letterman's jacket, and photos in general are great ways to remember this year, having your senior class shirt is another awesome way to remember it. You can keep this shirt forever, and put it in some type of memory box when you no longer want to wear it. You can then show it to your own kids and be reminded of what an awesome year this was. 

Fun To Wear On Grad Night 

Most high schools are going to host a fun filled grad night for all of the seniors to enjoy. On this night, all of the seniors are going to want to be easily identified, so that they can participate in all of these fun activities. Wearing your senior class shirt is an easy way to be recognized, and it can be a lot of fun to match all of your friends.