Tips For Caring For Your Sweaters

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Wearing your favorite sweater can be an excellent way of helping to stay warm during cold days. However, a nice sweater can be a fairly expensive garment, and you will need to ensure that you are taking the best care possible when it comes to your sweaters to ensure that they last for as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

Cover The Sweaters When They Are Hanging In The Closet

It is common for individuals to hang their sweaters in the closet. However, these individuals may not realize the benefits from covering the sweaters while they are hanging. Over time, the sweaters may start to rub against each other, and this could contribute to lint and other debris getting on your sweaters. By covering them, you can avoid this problem. If you do not have a garment bag that you can use, you may be able to achieve a similar result by using a pillow case. To convert a pillowcase for this task, simply cut a small hole in the top so that the hanger hook can fit through it.

Turn The Sweater Inside Out

While you are washing the sweater, you should make sure to turn it inside out. This is particularly true when you have sweaters that have designs embroidered on them. If the sweater is not turned inside out, the embroidery could get become loose due to rubbing against other items of clothing. Eventually, this rubbing action could cause entire threads to come loose, which could lead to the sweater starting to unravel. Turning the sweater inside out can be a highly effective way of reducing this wear and tear on the sweater.

Avoid Intense Heat When Washing The Sweater

When you are washing and drying the sweater, you must avoid exposing it to intense heat. This heat could lead to the fibers in the sweater shrinking or otherwise warping, which could greatly impact the way that the sweater fits you when you wear it. By always washing the sweaters in cold water and either air drying or using the lowest dryer setting can help you to protect the sweater's fibers from these sources of problems.

If you are wanting to ensure that your favorite sweater lasts for as long as possible, you must have a basic understanding concerning the care that these garments need. By knowing the importance of covering the sweater while they are hanging, turning them inside when washing them and being mindful of exposing the garment to heat, you should find that you can help your sweaters last for years before you need to buy a replacement. Check out companies like Wooden Ships for more sweater options.