Buckle-Up: Tips For Finding The Perfect Belt

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Your belt says a lot about your personal style, while also serving the utilitarian purpose of holding your pants up. When your belt fits and looks right, the results go beyond style and creates a more flattering, stream-lined silhouette. Put simply, a belt can help you look better in the clothes that you wear. Visit online merchants and stores to find a wide range of belts that could be right for you.

The important things to consider when buying a new belt are:

The right size. There is a misconception that you should buy your belt a couple inches larger than your waist measurement; go with the same size as your waist, or go up-a-size when dealing with odd-sizes. The more important thing to consider is if there is enough belt- at least a couple inches- to pass through the buckle when worn.

A good width. If you commonly wear the same type of pants, trousers, or jeans, measure the width of the belt-loops. This will serve as a guide when shopping, and you will know not to buy any belts that are too wide and that will tear your belt-loops.

A durable material. Look for durable materials in quality belts, such as tooled or embossed leather. Avoid the temptation to buy an inexpensive or sub-par belt as it won't hold-up and will likely disappoint. Keep an eye out for high-grade leather, sturdy canvas, and organic cotton when looking for a new belt to add to your wardrobe.

Classic details. Skip the trendy styles and anything that is too seasonal; go with simple, classic belts for the most longevity and wear. Always opt for quality and choose custom-crafted or handmade leather belts when possible. Consider unique features such as basket-weave leather or hand-tooled belts for something distinctive, that will stand the test of time.

A versatile buckle. Finally, the buckle; a buckle is the bling of the belt. It can convey a bit of personality and is inter-changeable so you are not locked-in on one look. Make sure that you have at least one belt in your collection that allows you to change the buckle. This will provide what you need to create hundreds of different looks, and that may make you want to invest in a few distinct buckles.

If you do not currently wear a belt, you are missing out on an opportunity that flatters your figure and gives your wardrobe more versatility. Shop online for a great selection of belts as well as many other western accessories to complete your look. Use these tips to narrow-down your choices and find the right belt for you and your favorite ensembles.