Tips For Helping You Find Your Personal Style

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If you are transitioning to a new phase in your life or are merely in a style rut, you are likely trying to figure out what your personal style is and how you can best utilize your money to help emphasize that style. Here are some tips for helping you find and define your personal style.

1. Actively Look for Inspiration

Unless you're living in a major city, chances are good that style inspiration is not going to simply walk right past you. You are likely going to be with people who are suffering from the same problems as you with regards to style or are wearing similar styles as to what you have now. You will need to go online and seek out inspiration. You can do this by making style boards on Pinterest or other image blogging websites. You can also look up celebrities whose style you wish to emulate and go through galleries of their images. Finally, you can buy a bunch of magazines and cut out images from these magazines to create a manual style board of images that you like a lot. All of this will help you figure out what you think your personal style truly is. Street style books, magazines, and blogs are also awesome places to look for outfit ideas.

2. Get Rid of Anything You Haven't Touched in a Year

If you have an article of clothing that has gone through all four seasons and hasn't been worn a single time, you can safely get rid of it without feeling any regret in the future. This will allow you to pare down your closet to a level that will allow you to determine where the gaps are and what kinds of clothes you are currently wearing on a regular basis.

3. Splurge on the Essentials

Try to label what kinds of things you need every day. You might find yourself wearing the same style of boots every day. This is a wardrobe staple. When your boots wear out, spend more on a good pair that will last a long time. Buy a few other pairs of shoes or boots on discount to try out different styles without breaking your budget. Just be sure that you are spending enough on the clothes that are absolutely part of your personal style.

4. Fill the Holes in Your Wardrobe

Based on your inspiration board, determine where the holes are in your wardrobe and actively buy to fill these holes, rather than buying random items. This will allow you to make sure that you aren't wasting your clothes budget.

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