Tips For Dressing Up Your Eyewear

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One of the hardest parts of picking new eyewear is finding something that looks good on your face. The next hardest thing is finding a pair of glasses that will match your wardrobe or sense of style. As woman who wear glasses, you may as well resign yourself to the fact that they are a part of your daily wardrobe. When you think of it like that, they aren't just useful tools, but accessories that can be modified to suit your mood or style for the day. Use the tips below to make your glasses really pop.

Add a Charm

You don't have to permanently modify your eyewear in order to make it a more useful accessory. Instead, just hang a charm on it. You can use just about anything from fishing line to a small hoop earring to add the charm to the side of your glasses. Choose one that fits a current holiday, your mood, or just adds a bit of pizzazz to your outfit in general. It can even be a helpful mental health charm that reminds you to feel grateful, embrace who you are, or whatever it is you need to keep in mind through the day.

Make Your Eyes Sparkle

Okay, maybe these won't literally make your eyes sparkle, but they can add a bit of sparkled to your glasses. Use craft clue to add a bead or gemstone to your glasses. Ask your eyewear professional before you use a hot glue gun so you don't negate the warranty on your glasses by altering them permanently. Once you find an adhesive method that works, you can personalize your eyewear anyway you like.

Personalize Before You Buy

Today, there are plenty of options to help you personalize your glasses before you even get them from a vendor like Sol Optix. Consider adding some of the features below to make your eyewear suit you better.

  • Ask for tinting. Today, there are multiple options when it comes to UV protection. Consider choosing something a little more colorful than the basic grey or brown. Ask for pink, blue, or even purple tinting.
  • Add a phrase. Phrases can be engraved or printed on glasses so that you can see them each time you put them on. Have a phrase put on the outside so others can read it as well.
  • Decorate lenses. It's not a good idea to add your own decorations to the lenses, but you can ask the professionals to do it for you. Add a gem or something small to the lenses to personalize them and make them more decorative. 

Turn your corrective lenses into something that you can have a bit of fun with. Personalize them and use them not just as tools, but as wardrobe accessories.