You Can Find Stylish And Supportive Shoes For Your Wide Feet!

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If you have wide feet or bunions, it can seem impossible to find cute shoes that you aren't cramming your feet into. Not only is this terrible for your toes and foot bed, it can give your feet serious problems in the future. And what about the other option? Wearing shoes like flip-flops that allow your feet to spread out comfortably? Flip-flops are bad for your feet, not to mention they are hardly work appropriate or useful in winter. But don't worry, there are cute shoes available for wide feet if you know where to shop, and also what kind of shoes are more likely to accommodate a wide foot.

Where to go to find wide shoes

Stores that cater to wide feet

This one is obvious. But you might be surprised by the selection of fashionable shoes available, especially if there is also an online store that you can order from.

Specialty orthotic stores

Specialty stores that cater to unusual shoe sizes, narrow heels, inserts, and support shoes will have a selection of wide shoes, including ones that can be worn for work or formal events.

Plus size stores

Even if you don't wear plus size clothes, these types of stores often carry shoes that are designed to accommodate wider feet and calves. Many of the shoes that are found in these stores are quite stylish and fashion-wise.

Department Stores

Bigger stores with large shoe departments are likely to carry an array of wider shoe sizes. The better department stores can order your size for you, if they are out of stock in the store.

Shoe styles more likely to fit a wide foot

There are some styles that are much more likely to fit a wide foot. Some of these may be wide enough on their own, without having to order your size in "w".


Wedge shoes often have a wider heel and base. It's easier to find a wedge that will accommodate a wide foot then a ballet flat or stiletto.


Clogs are designed to be comfortable for people like nurses and cooks who are on their feet all day. Most clogs are wide enough on their own to comfortably fit a wide foot.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes need a wide base for stability because they are so high. This makes it easier for people with wide feet to find platforms that fit.


Pumps are such a classic at this point, that they are usually made in wide and narrow sizes. Pumps look great at the office, a cocktail party, or any other dress up occasion.

Chunky Heels

Chunky heels have a wider base to support the bigger heel. This naturally leads to the shoe being inherently wider than a shoe with a slimmer heel and base.

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