5 Successful Strategies For Buying Shoes Online

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Many people who routinely shop online for a variety of items are apprehensive about purchasing shoes from an Internet retailer, but this can actually be a good decision if certain strategies are used. Following are five tips designed to create positive online shoe buying experiences.

Try on Shoes in Local Retail Stores First

Online retailers frequently offer better deals than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, and you can often save significantly by trying the shoes on at a local retailer to ensure proper sizing and then searching for the best price online. This is a great way to feel confident about buying brands that you aren't familiar with online.

Know Your Brand

If you routinely buy the same brands of footwear, buying shoes online is easy because you're already aware of how sizes run in your favorite brands. However, those over 40 can gain up to 1/2 of a size for every 10 years, so measure your feet periodically to ensure that you're ordering the right size.

Read Online Reviews

Reading reviews concerning footwear that you are considering purchasing online can be a good way to tell whether a particular brand runs smaller or larger than standard sizes. Websites that sell shoes often have areas for consumer reviews, and you can also find them on the brand's official site.

Use the Sizing Guide Provided By the Retailer

Many online retailers offer free downloadable sizing charts that can help you decide which size you need to order. Some cutting-edge online retail outlets are beginning to offer interactive, 3-D sizing tools to help consumers get the most precise fits as possible. If this is your first time sizing your own feet, keep in mind that most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other, so be certain to measure both feet and to order the size that fits the larger of the two.

Choose Your Retailer Wisely

Asking trusted friends and family members for recommendations for online retailers is an excellent way to find a reliable source of quality footwear. The retailer you choose should offer a good selection of well-known brands, adequate sizing tools, reasonable shipping and handling charges, and a lenient return policy. Other tips designed to help you in your selection of an online shoe retailer are:

  • Look for retailers that provide large enough photographs of the shoes they sell so that you can see the detailing and framework from several perspectives.
  • Look for retailers that offer comprehensive descriptions of their shoes, such as the total weight of each shoe and the materials used in their manufacture.

Following the above strategies will have you happily enjoying the convenience and savings of buying shoes online in no time.